Do you want maximum service when selling your home?
Do you want to sell your home & investment fast & For Top Dollars?
Do you want the least amount of hassle when selling your investment?
Do you want to maximize your benefit & profit and receive maximum service?
Do you want to pay low commission?
Do you want to save money on Realtor’s Commission?
Then Please Do Yourself A Favor And Call The Award Winning Realtor®, Joseph Azimi of RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage.
So, what are the Guarantee Services of an Award Winning Realtor®, Joseph Azimi?
You get maximum listing services.
You get expert negotiation.
You get professional representation.
You get result orientated guidance.
You pay minimum commission.
You get the satisfaction of having an award winning Realtor working to sell your investment for top dollars.
You and your family will save lots of money.
You get maximum service guaranteed!

When a client is satisfied with our services, we are happy!
We get referrals from our clients and friends.
Our comfortable minimum commission brings us volume.
We rather sell 100 homes at low commission then 10 at maximum commission 5% or 6%.
We ask for your referrals…. lots of it!
We ask you to promote our website to your friends AND family and spread out the word!

Guaranteed Services Includes:

Every listing is accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee!
You may exit at any time, while under contract!
We make it easy! We believe in our services!
We are comfortable to offer this guarantee to you!

When selling your home with the help of an award winning and expert Realtor® Joseph Azimi your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Warmest Regards,
Joseph Azimi
(647) 588 - 7171 OR (866) 456 - 1177
Award Winning "Hall Of Fame" Real Estate Broker
RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage
"Different commission rates, fees, and listing and marketing services may be offered by other REMAX franchises or sales associates in Canada."

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